by Olga Tishkova
Shangri-La’s Hambantota Golf Resort&Spa archive

Shangri-La’s Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa is located in an authentic area of Sri Lanka. Here one can find entertainment to suit any taste - guests are invited to hide in the thicket of the jungle, go to meet whales or learn the secrets of local culture

For Adventurers

It will be interesting for courageous wildlife lovers to go on a safari along the Valava River. There are more than a hundred rivulets in Ceylon. All of them originate high up in the mountains, and therefore are swift flowing, sometimes even end up with waterfalls. Rafting along the river, you need to be especially careful - every minute spent in dense jungle, уou will be watched by tropical birds, bats, white-bellied sea eagles, crocodiles and lizards. Here and there along the shores you will come across the houses of fishermen. If their catch is good, they are ready to invite guests for a dinner and talk about the features of local fishing. Another highlight of the boat trip is the mango jungle, which is also called forests. Typically, these trees are completely submerged in water, but their roots are exposed during low tide, and they appear as fabulous creatures, standing high above river surface. It is a great piece of luck to be among these forests: the sunlight hardly penetrates in here, silence and peace reign around, which makes this place even more mysterious.

For Friendly ones

Whale watching is one of the most spectacular sightings in Sri Lanka. Here, in the warm Indian Ocean, you can meet 26 of 80 registered species - these are blue and humpback whales, finwhale, sperm whale, small killer whale and even goose-beaked whale! The cetacean season starts on the west coast from November and ends in the east in August. Of course, they cannot be seen from the shore, so it is necessary to take a boat trip. Along your way you will meet more than one flock of marine beauties. Noticing the audience, they seem to specifically start their game - they will beat their tails, emerge and let fountains spray. The only you need to be in time to photograph moments from the life of majestic mammals.

For Curious ones

You can get to know the local culture in the village of Cadamandia. Representatives of all craft communities are located here. Workshops of weavers, potters, sculptors and painters are open here for the quests. In the evenings, local artists perform for the public. Few people know, but today the dance in Sri Lanka is the main element of the local culture, it is performed at all national and not only national events. Usually men, who participate in dances, have been learning these tricks for more than a dozen years. Their heads and shoulders are covered with shiny brass armor, which makes an interesting ringing sound at the time of sudden movements or jumps. Numerous bracelets with bells are put on arms and legs, which also gives an amazing musical accompaniment to the dance. Slow plastic sketches of village life are popular among the local population, - for example, harvesting or dancing with a jug, as well as dynamic dances to express devotion and respect to God.

For tea lovers

Visiting Sri Lanka and not drinking Ceylon tea is like staying at home. You can avoid this bitter omission by becoming a guest of the Khandunugod tea estate. Here they grow white tea, the most expensive one in the world. It got its name due to the tea bud; during flowering, it densely coverswith white pile. This variety has another name - virgin white tea. There is a legend that the leaves of a plant for the imperial palace were cut by virgins with golden scissors, but their hands weren’t involved so that sweat and smell of their skin would not spoil the taste of the future product. Thus, no one and nothing touched the tea leaves, except the emperor's lips. Today, white tea is cut with gloves early in the morning and processed immediately. At the end of the tour all guests will have a pleasure to taste a cup of flavored drink.

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