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Olga Tishkova
архив Shangri-La’s Hambantota Golf Resort&Spa

Winter holidays are not a reason to stay at home. You can take a chance and change the bitter cold for plus temperatures. Holidays with the whole family in Sri Lanka are an excellent occasion to slow down, change the atmosphere and gain some impressions for several months ahead

New Year is the warmest and truly family holiday, but in order not to turn family holidays into a headache, you need to choose a place in advance where all relatives will feel comfortable and exciting, regardless of their age and interests. Shangri-La's Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa offers a range of ready-to-take solutions.

For children

The youngest guests of the resort will surely like the Cool Zone Children's Center. Here you can find a trampoline and a seven-meter air trapeze - professionals will look after the performance of tricks. Young guests have a water park with slides and water programs at their disposal. There is an air-conditioned pavilion for any creative activities. If parents decide to relax in the CHI Ayurveda Spa, an experienced nanny will look after the baby, and older children will probably want to pick up a game console or fight table tennis among themselves. And at the sunset, when the rays of the sun are not so scorching, the whole family can play volleyball or ride bikes around the island.

For curious ones

The resort boasts its proximity to two of the country's best nature reserves. Udavalava National Park is called the house of elephants - there are more than 250 of them. But no one will offer you a ride on them: the purpose of the reserve is to help elephants adapt to the conditions of the wild, so thert contact with humans is  minimized. You can’t walk around this park - tourists are transported in jeeps. Exciting safari - why not to visit this nature reserve with the whole family? In addition, elephants have faithful companions - birds. There are a great many of them: pelicans, peacocks, storks and even ibises. In Yala Park, leopards are considered the main attraction. There are thirty of them, all of them are under state protection: predators are threatened with extinction, local people have a special relationship with them. In the southeast, Yala borders with the sea and mangroves are located along the coast. At low tide, local lagoons become an ideal viewing platform for observing birds and animals.

For creative ones

Families who are interested in learning more about Sri Lankan culture should visit the unique village of artisans. Ceylon is an island with a rich history, full of legends and traditions, so local craftsmen have something to show. The villagers agreed among themselves to preserve the centuries-old traditions of their ancestors, to transfer cultural values ​​from one community to another. Sometimes the curtain of secrets is ready to be opened to tourists. Local craftsmen teach them their skills - classes for visitors are conducted by artists, weavers, sculptors and potters. Together with guests, they weave fabrics, paint caskets, and burn dishes. The crafts can be taken home as a souvenir. In the evening, the village plunges into a bright celebration of national dances. Compared to other Asian ones, they are distinguished by their energy: a lot of acrobatic jumps and rotational movements. Almost all performers are men. This happened historically: in Ceylon, it is considered indecent if a woman dances in front of an audience

For Gourmets

There are four restaurants onsite. Dishes from around the world are collected in the menu of the Bojunhala restaurant. This place is definitely worth a visit for the sake of national desserts. Only here they serve such sweetness as aluva. It is made from fried rice flour with the addition of palm honey, cashew nuts and cardamom. Aluva is served exclusively for the New Year or major national holidays. The local Kiribat is considered the best on the island. This is milk rice with the addition of coconut milk, nuts and sesame seeds. Restaurant Sera will be interesting for its interior: it is made in the style of the shopping arcades so typical for the Southeast Asia. And if you decide to visit Sri Lanka with preschool children, then you should not worry - the resort has a children's area with buffets, every meal is served here in an entertaining manner. For very young people, the buffet will be free, and if there are teenagers in the family, they will receive a 50% discount.

Rest with the whole family can be an unforgettable adventure, be bold to have it!



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