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Polina Zamkova
Shangri-La’s Hambantota Golf Resort&Spa archive

Opened in June 2016, Shangri-La’s Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa is located on the south coast of Sri Lanka. The hotel is surrounded by royal coconut palms, whose branches sway smoothly in the wind, and is located at the former coconut plantation right in the center of Hambantota - the city with rich history and ancient trade route passing by next to it. It is called the Spice Road. Let us fast forward to this heavenly place and find out how it attracts tourists


The range
The area of the hotel, which is the largest in Sri Lanka, is 53 hectares. All 300 spacious rooms, including 21 suites, offer magnificent view to the tropical gardens. There is an 18-hole golf course, a luxurious spa, and a craft village where local craftsmen do their craft.
Brand spa is a place where you can feel a peaceful and magical atmosphere, as well as restore mental and physical health. The spa is an extraordinary Ayurveda therapy. Guests can enjoy a variety of wellness treatments and experience the benefits of natural ingredients. Therapy is prescribed by Ayurveda doctors and nutritionists during an individual consultation.
A sports and fitness club, one 30-meter pool and another additional pool located in the lagoon, offer unique opportunities for outdoor activities in Sri Lanka.
The resort has many memorable places where you can have a good time and a delicious dinner. Bojunhala Restaurant serves not only authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, but also a variety of international dishes. Sera Restaurant offers a menu inspired by the famous fast food cafes of the Southeast Asia. All dishes on the restaurant’s menu are prepared with local ingredients right in front of guests. For example, traditional sambal sauce, the ingredients of which are pounded in a mortar, is added to the catfish salad at a fast-food cafe. On top of all that, the family atmosphere will help you to make new friends.
Those who want to visit a unique dinner or celebrate an important event will be able to take advantage of the resort's special offer “table from the chef”. The table is located in the garden and is surrounded by lush greenery and aromatic herbs, making this place truly magical. One of the resort's chefs will personally prepare dinner for guests using local ingredients. An unusual dinner is ideal for a large number of guests.
Gimanhala Bar overlooks tropical gardens and the ocean - a great place to have a tea party or a cocktail served on the serving table after a full day, as well as enjoy champagne at sunset or by candlelight under a starry sky.
The natural beauty resort is an ideal place to arrange events. In addition to the main hall for celebrations, the hotel has five conference rooms that are suitable for negotiations.
Families are welcomed particularly warm at the resort. A whole range of services has been developed especially for them. The Cool Zone Kids Club is open every day and offers many activities for younger guests, such as a 7-meter high aerial trapeze, a flying drone, an open-air water park, a swimming pool, as well as childcare services.
Sitting at the unusual lobby of the hotel with no walls, guests are enjoying the beauty of tropical nature. The interior of the lobby is made of natural materials and complemented by decor, elements of which were created by local artisans themselves. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by the turquoise Indian Ocean, refreshing breeze and sound of the surf.
Almost the whole year round it is warm at the resort, so outdoor activities are ideal for spending time, for example, beach volleyball, mountain biking, flying trapeze, bocce and golf. A large list of entertainment at the resort is complemented with a local sports club that offers modern programs to practice fitness, yoga and stretching.
The 18-hole Shangri-La Golf Course with a total of 70 pairs and a length of as much as 5.5 kilometers is the only one of its kind in this country. It is located at the great spaces of coconut plantation offering spectacular view. This is a unique opportunity to prove yourself in this sport for both beginners and professionals.
The resort pays great attention to environmental protection. The focus on the ecological development of the resort involves restoring an abandoned sapphire mine, rare species of plants, breeding new species of birds and using peat resistant to contamination.
At the resort you can purchase all the necessary equipment to play golf and tennis. In addition, the resort offers eservation of tickets rand an electric car for easy transportation and comfort.
This is the only resort with a craft village, which serves as a window into the local culture. This is where guests can learn about the craftsmanship of local artisans who support the traditions of Sri Lanka. Here are the workshops of weavers, sculptors, painters and potters. Craftsmen sell their handicrafts in the countryside in order to provide for themselves financially. In the evening, the village is transforming - everywhere is dancing, music, you can also get acquainted with Angampora - the local martial art of Sri Lanka. Guests can enjoy local dishes and light snacks during the performances.




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